Newly released Echo 1.5

Newly released Echo 1.5The 1456 decanter has been a reliable, proven work horse for decades serving the oil and gas and rendering industries around the world. Alongside GTech’s growing Echo range of decanters, the 1456 is still a favourite for many customers.

In response to this demand, GTech has recently released the Echo 1.5, which combines the proven 1456 rotating assembly with the clean, simple lines of the Echo style base, covers and guarding.

Improvements to the 1456 include, a user configurable cover opening, elegant S/S guarding, electronic conveyor torque control, upgraded interlocking cover switches, and removable urethane wear liners.

The simplification of the base and cover has also resulted in a significantly quieter and smoother running machine. For more information about this and other GTech’s products please email us @

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