Echo 1.5 Skid

The Echo 1.5 skid is a game changer for a large variety of dewatering processes. This custom-built turnkey solution was designed to fit a New Zealand customer's specific building and process layout. GTech’s skids allow our technology to be easily integrated into existing systems or relocated to anywhere an operation requires. Key features of the fork liftable turnkey dewatering skid include:

  • Echo 1.5 2 Phase Decanter
  • Progressive cavity feed pump
  • Flow meter
  • Liquid polymer dosing
  • Centreless solids load out screw
  • Automated water flush valve
  • Safety: Bearing vibration monitoring, force holding guard locks, motor inertia monitor
  • Full electrical automation and control including HMI touchscreen with remote access

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Echo 1.5 Skid

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